Stay firm at the broken place

I have been rejected for the second time because of my hijab.

Of course i feel slumped and down, also saddened by my weakness, but I felt that Alloh was getting closer to me. I believe in his help, I’m sure with him, he will replace this with a better one. Amin


Look at the plant in the link above, which initially slumped and then strong again because doused with something he needs.
When you are upset or drowned do not you let it sit or instead you splash on something that endangers you, pray to Allah.
My Friend, Mbak Dhira also said, when you so embarrassed to pray to Him then just call the name of Allah alone, Alloh know what makes you slumped. Allow Allah to finish your anxiety, for Allah is glad when you remember Him and call His name wherever you are.



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